Soilbond's granitic sand stabiliser / binder provides greater structural integrity, resistance to rough weather conditions and reductions to maintenance costs of untreated surfaces

Product Benefits

Soilbond's application to untreated road, paths or tracks will result in the following benefits:

  • greater structural integrity, particularly under wet conditions

  • resistance to wind and water erosion

  • reductions in maintenance costs and

  • maintain a natural look

Types of Application

Applications include walking and jogging tracks, larger pedestrian trafficked areas, cycling tracks, car parks, tree plantations and traffic islands/median strips.

Some applications in major Australian cities:


  • “the tan” walking/jogging track around the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne

  • the nearby Kings Domain area of the Alexandra Gardens

  • Melbourne city street landscapes including:

    • tree surroundings

    • paths and

    • median strips

  • Docklands, Batman Ave, Royal Park and Domain Ground


  • Victoria Park Gates

  • Pirrama Park Precinct - Parramatta

  • Bungarribee Super Park - Bungarribee


  • Supreme Court Gardens - Perth

  • Fremantle Dockland Precinct - Fremantle


  • Glenelg Park Land Tracks

  • Adelaide City Parks

Soilbond User Manual

Material Stabilisation

Soilbond® is an ideal product for the stabilisation of:

  • Crushed Rock

  • Crushed Bricks

  • Granitic Sand

Stabilisation Application Table

  • Soilbond® needs to be added at a ratio of 2% to the dry weight of the material being treated.

  • To a treatment depth of 50mm, 2 litres of Soilbond needs to be added to each 1 m².

Stabilisation Coverage Table