Product Benefits

Soilbond's application to untreated road, paths or tracks will result in the following benefits:

  • greater structural integrity, particularly under wet conditions
  • resistance to wind and water erosion
  • reductions in maintenance costs and
  • maintain a natural look

Types of Application

Applications include walking and jogging tracks, larger pedestrian trafficked areas, cycling tracks, car parks, tree plantations and traffic islands/median strips.

Some applications in major Australian cities:


  • “the tan” walking/jogging track around the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne
  • the nearby Kings Domain area of the Alexandra Gardens
  • Melbourne city street landscapes including:
    • tree surroundings
    • paths and
    • median strips
  • Docklands, Batman Ave, Royal Park and Domain Ground


  • Victoria Park Gates
  • Pirrama Park Precinct - Parramatta
  • Bungarribee Super Park - Bungarribee


  • Supreme Court Gardens - Perth
  • Fremantle Dockland Precinct - Fremantle


  • Glenelg Park Land Tracks
  • Adelaide City Parks

Soilbond User Manual

Material Stabilisation

Soilbond® is an ideal product for the stabilisation of:

  • Crushed Rock
  • Crushed Bricks
  • Granitic Sand

Stabilisation Application Table

  • Soilbond® needs to be added at a ratio of 2% to the dry weight of the material being treated.
  • To a treatment depth of 50mm, 2 litres of Soilbond needs to be added to each 1 m².

Stabilisation Coverage Table