City of Sydney - Victoria Park Gates Relocation Project

Knox and Partners, Landscape Architects selected Soilbond to stabilise the paving of the historic Victoria Park Gates relocation for the City of Sydney.

Soilbond was used to treat approximately 115 tonne of decomposed granitic sand supplied by Australian Native Landscapes.

Chester Bodycoat, Technical Manager from Soilbond was on site to assist with the mixing ratio and application of Soilbond.

Soilbond was added at a ratio of 2% to the dry weight of decomposed granite. Approximately 2,400 L of Soilbond was mixed into the decomposed granitic at ANL in Terrey Hills then transported to the project.

David from Gardenmakers commented that "Both the Council and ANL were impressed with the final result".

City of Melbourne - Melbourne's Botanic Garden Tan Track Upgrade

As incumbent providers of the Cit of Melbourne Maintenance Contract, Citywide was recently awarded maintenance works on Melbourne's Tan Track between Anderson St and Swan St Bridge.

The upgrade works, which included pathway works, lighting, gardens and drainage, were part of a $22 M upgrade of the iconic track, which encircles the Royal Botanic Gardens and Kings Domain.

In a section of the Tan Track measuring approximately 850 m x 5 m adjacent to Alexandra Ave, Soilbond was added at a ratio of 2% to the dry weight of the decomposed granite to be used as the wearing surface.

Helen Sanders from Citywide said "We have used Soilbond to stabilise sections of Kings Domain in previous years. These sections have held up to the heavy pedestrian and bicycle traffic these tracks receive every day. We chose to use Soilbond to stabilise the upgraded area of the Tan Track".

The decomposed granite was supplied by Chris Ryan Earthmoving - Pyalong and was mixed on site in 50 tonne batches then transported to the project site.

Representatives from Soilbond were on site at Pyalong to assist with the mixing of Soilbond with the deco granite. Chester Bodycoat, technical manager from Soilbond, said:

"the mixing was relatively straightforward. We had 1000 L IBCs of Soilbond on site and made sure that the entire amount was worked into each front end loader bucket held approximately 5 tonne, we sprayed 100 L of Soilbond into each bucket load".

Supreme Court Gardens Perth - Upgrade Project

Upgrade of the grounds at Supreme Court Gardens.

Civil and landscape works included: bulk earth works, drainage, storm water, electrical, lighting, pavements, walls, art work structures, irrigation, landscape works, kerbing, paving, car park facilities, turf, planting, mulching with an ongoing maintenance program.

Birrarung Marr Park in Melbourne CBD - Paths and Road Surfaces