Western Australia Private Garden - Granitic Path

Orchard owner Jane Gillon from South West part of W.A., used Soilbond to help in the transformation of her newly constructed private garden for her Orchard.

Jane heard from a referral about our product and from initial inquiries purchased the product to stabilise the tiered section of her project.

"We didn't know what the outcome would be from using the product", she went on to say, "after doing a trial patch with the material, we were very confident to the finish we were working towards".

As part of the aesthetic look, they went the extra yard by troweling the surface to give it a marble finish look.

The photos to the right are from during construction, to the finished project.

I am sure you will agree the end product has the "WOW" factor to it.

Various Parts of Melbourne City - Tree Soil Stabilisation