Soilbond is an Environmentally Friendly / Non-Hazardous / Australian Made and Owned Product.

About Soilbond®

The principal ingredient in Soilbond® is a naturally sticky material that provides the binding power of Soilbond® and allows the effective stabilisation of roads, tracks and paths.

The principal ingredient is a waste product from the processing of timber to produce pulp for paper manufacture. These waste materials are then processed to separate the components into a number of different products, one of which is used to make Soilbond.

The naturally derived product from wood has no solubility in water and this means that it will not be flushed out of roads or paths under wet conditions and so there are no concerns about adverse environmental effects from its use.

Soilbond® is specially formulated into an easily handled liquid product and allows it to be easily and uniformly mixed into the materials used to form roads and paths and provide the most effective binding action.

Soilbond® applications

How to apply: please refer to our User Manual located on the Documents Page

Stabilisation is easy with Soilbond® as:

  • Environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum products and chlorides.

  • No wash out by water.

Soilbond® usage

  • Stabilisation and dust control of unsealed roads and road shoulders.

  • Granitic sand stabilisation for pedestrian paths and tracks.

  • Pavement stabilisation.

Available quantities

  • 20 litres - Cubes for small jobs.

  • 200 litres - Drums for medium sized jobs.

  • 1,000 litres - IBC Containers for medium to large jobs.

  • 15,000 - 25,000 litres - Bulk loads in road tankers for large jobs.