Soilbond's dust control solution can help reduce water usage and costs associated with surface maintenance

Water Savings

Soilbond® is an excellent dust suppressant solution. Trials have shown that Soilbond® compared to traditional watering practices has reduced water consumption by as much as 80%.

Surface Maintenance

Soilbond® binds the fine particles of soil to form a cohesive surface crust. With on going applications, the crust is maintained to overcome surface wear due to traffic.

As Soilbond® has a cumulative effect, each maintenance application adds to the existing crust. Hence, the maintenance application frequency will be reduced overtime and the time between maintenance applications will increase. This cumulative effect also allows the rate of Soilbond® maintenance applications to be reduced over longer periods.

Product Application

Soilbond® dust suppressant is a spray on, environmentally safe, water-based organic emulsion. It provides cost-effective dust control performance and significant water consumption reduction when incorporated in a dust control program made of on-going applications.

Dust Suppressant Application Table

  • Mix 1 litre of Soilbond to 9 litres of water = 10 litres of diluted solution.

  • Apply 2 litres of the diluted solution to each 1m².

To estimate how much Soilbond® you need:

Coverage Table (PDF 113KB)